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Venford Cascades

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Venford Cascades-

Deep in the woodland, Isolated from the buzz of the rest of the world, Mother Nature had carved this graceful wonder through South Dartmoor. All I had to do was find the most beautiful angle to remember her by. 

Arriving at a very wet Venford reservoir, South Dartmoor, I headed down a track with the flow to the reservoir,  after a short walk and little searching I found this hidden little location. 

It was one of the most isolated feeling spots I had been to for a while, I didn’t see anyone else the whole time I was there.

The sound of the cascading water mixed with the wind running through the trees was so cleansing for the mind.

Wading carefully into the centre of the water flow I started to see the power and beauty from a special perspective most people won’t get the opportunity to see.

I love the balance of the two cascades here with the moss covered rock pulling the eye for attention as the light softly breaks throughout the tree canopy slightly, softly lighting the moss.     

Deep in a wooded coombe on the southern edge of Dartmoor, are the graceful twin cascades of Venford falls. 

Available on Canvas or limited edition of 40 prints, consisting of 20 aluminium, and 20 acrylic pieces, with optional frame.