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Dartmoor Days

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Dartmoor Days-

I was spending the day on Dartmoor enjoying this area, and photographing a beautiful sunny Dartmoor day. Autumn was just around the corner so the surrounding trees were beginning to change to that gorgeous rich colour and the leaves starting to fall. I always like to embrace the moment, to relax at a riverside location like this.
They are many rivers dotted across Dartmoor, twenty-five I believe, and every one a pleasure to spend time enjoying. Holne Bridge that afternoon did not disappoint, so peaceful and calming.

There is something so soothing about spending time on a quiet river bank watching the water flow past. I hope this image transports you to the river bank, like it still does for me. 

Holne Bridge is a Grade II listed medieval bridge over the River Dart, Dartmoor, Devon, England. Located along the road between Ashburton and Two Bridges, about 1.5 miles from Ashburton, and connects Holne Chase to Ausewell.

Available on Canvas or limited edition of 40 prints, consisting of 20 aluminium, and 20 acrylic pieces, with optional frame.