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boscastle gold

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Boscastle Gold-

It was the first day of May and I had planned to enjoy a sunset stroll at Boscastle harbour on this lovely warm day.

Only a light breeze, the sound of the waves, and the seagulls for company. I made my way into the harbour from the streets of Boscastle.Walking along the stream my thoughts of the day slow, and worries dissolve as the natural beauty of this place surrounds me.

As I ascend the North side coastal path, frequently pausing to appreciate the incredible vista ever changing.

The fishermen coming to shore after a busy day at sea, kids jumping into the sea, and couples making memories and enjoying some local fish and chips as the gentle sounds of waves lapping the shore and gulls call. 

I wait and take in every second of this natural marvel, as the sun sets and the last rays of light touch the Cornish coast in a moment of celebration the sky is filled with colour as the beautiful day comes to an end. 

Boscatle is a tiny port in Cornwall, England with a natural harbour, set in a narrow ravine, and boasts some very attractive views. This is a beautiful sun kissed scene over looking the coastline.   

Available on Canvas or limited edition of 40 prints, consisting of 20 aluminium, and 20 acrylic pieces, with optional frame.