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Blue Carpets At Dawn

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-Blue Carpets At Dawn is a high quality Canvas print hand made in the UK

So people think I am crazy when they find out how this image landed in my portfolio.
I was chatting to a friend who lives in Woking and during the chat he tells me about this amazing carpet of Bluebells in the woods nearby. I hadn’t heard of Micheldever woods, but I had wanted to capture a woodland bluebell scene for a very long time, so this really spiked my interest.
After researching the woodlands and weather forecast, I found myself driving out of Cornwall around 4pm that very day!

Arriving in the darkness, I settled down in the van for the night looking forward to getting up before dawn.
The following morning is very hard to describe. I was waking up somewhere I had never even seen, scoped out or enjoyed.
It was near dark coming into blue hour, zero wind, little birds singing as I walked slowly into Micheldever woodland for the first ever time.
Walking around this woodland alone as the first light casts through the trees was so special. Deer all around and the beautiful fragrance of the Bluebell flowers was a truly awesome. I embraced this beautiful moment whilst framing up the shot. I feel so lucky to have captured this image and truly blessed to share it with you..

Micheldever Wood is 5 miles North East of Winchester, bordering the M3, in fact the M3 goes through it at points. It is predominantly a Beech woodland with some Conifer interspersed, with many species of wild flowers. It is managed today by the Forestry Commission

Available on Canvas or limited edition of 40 prints, consisting of 20 aluminium, and 20 acrylic pieces, with optional frame.