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Dartmoor Daydreams - Dartmoor - Emsworthy Barn - Bluebells

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Nestled in the heart of Dartmoor in Devon is Emsworthy Mire. A carpet of bluebells lay in this beautiful nature reserve that is a landscape photography paradise. 

I had visited this beautiful little barn in Emsworthy, Dartmoor many times before, but never have I had all the elements in my favour.

I returned once again to Emsworthy Barn on a very warm, sunny spring day and I could not believe what I was witnessing.

The whole place felt so alive with such rich smells from the bluebells and the summer Dartmoor breeze. I truly loved every minute there. I am very proud to have this magical landscape piece in my portfolio.

We all recognise nature as hugely important to our wellbeing, and

landscape images in settings as amazing as this brings the joy and sense of wellbeing into your home.

This limited edition run consists of 20 aluminium and 20 acrylic pieces with or without frames.