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Colly brook flow

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Dartmoor is one of the most famous wildernesses in the world, thanks to its wild beauty as well as being the location of Sherlock Holmes’ ‘Hound of the Baskervilles’ . I spend a lot of my time there. Yet to lose a leg to a giant dog. 

This adventure was my first after months of lock-down. I’d missed hanging out with Mother Nature a lot and it seemed like she was welcoming me back with open and very leafy arms. I dived right in for a hug, mesmerised by the 400 different shades of green she produces every springtime, my ears massaged by the babbling brook, the smell of her very natural deodorant captivating. And it was just me there. Me and Mother Nature, up a tree .I can imagine many hidden gems like this are nestled within Dartmoor, Devon,

This picture captures that moment and reminds me about what’s important.

We all recognise nature as hugely important to our wellbeing, and landscape images in settings as amazing as this brings the joy and sense of wellbeing into your home.

This limited edition run consists of 20 aluminium and 20 acrylic pieces with or without frames.