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Topsham sailing dreams

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 Topsham sailing dreams

Leaving the crashing Ocean waves I am used to on the North Cornwall Coast, I headed to the tranquil South East Coast of Devon. I was staying near Topsham in my camper van, as I had a couple of very busy days ahead in my Gallery which is near Topsham. Whilst there, I had in mind that it would be a great opportunity to get a new nightscape shot. I love looking into the night sky at all the stars, and wondering what else is out there.

I remember it was mid December 2019, and it was a clear, crisp and blissfully calm evening. 

As I walked along the side of the estuary at Topsham admiring the variety of sailing boats, I noticed the mirror like quality of the reflections on the water.

Once a thriving port and shipbuilding centre, Topsham in Devon still retains a strong maritime flavour.

The quaint historic town close to Exeter has a cosmopolitan atmosphere with an eclectic cluster of specialist shops and fine restaurants, plus wonderful walks and boats in the estuary.


Available on Canvas or limited edition of 40 prints, consisting of 20 aluminium, and 20 acrylic pieces, with optional frame.