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Madrid Flow

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Madrid flow-
My journey to Spain, and visit to the incredible city of Madrid was quite an experience that I would like to tell you about as many unusual happenings went on behind the lens before I was able to get this shot.
I was lucky enough to be asked to accompany a good friend to keep him company whilst he drove his brothers mk5 golf from north Cornwall to Madrid (where his brother now lives)
We had grand plans to spend a couple of days within the stunningly Picos de Europa in North Spain on our way to the Spanish Capital City Madrid.
Unfortunately the vehicle had a very different plan for us. We were heading to our first destination heading up and through some of the most fascinating foot hills I have ever seen. By the time we got to Sotres Villge which is nothing short of amazing, the car was not happy, smelling of burning, overheating and water leaking out!
We decided to let the car rest over night and decide what to do about it the next day. We had an early night in our accommodation so we could at least make the most of an early morning sunrise photoshoot. After a very pleasant morning mini adventure, and breakfast we nervously drove back down the mountain to see how the car would perform. with a real mixture of emotions on our decent, as even though we had the drama of the car unreliability; we couldn’t believe the pure raw beauty of our surroundings. Just breathtaking. After ALOT of debating, and various phone calls, we decided it would be safer to cut our mini road trip through the mountains short, and head straight to Madrid with everything crossed that the car would make it there. Diving at a steady speed there the car weirdly seemed to behave better and better the closer it got to home!? We arrived at Steve’s brothers place around 10pm right near the centre of Madrid city, The warm humid evening, and the smells and sounds of city life was invigorating. We were warmly welcomed, and as we chatted about our eventful journey and the very mysterious behaviour of the now perfectly running car, we were finally able to relax and enjoy the incredible view over the beautiful Madrid cityscape that I had never imagined. The adventure didn’t end there.

The next morning myself and Steve were recharged and psyched about being in full “tourist” mode. Camera in hand, we hit the metro.
I had in mind that I really wanted to get an iconic shot of the city, but as we arrived at the locations in mind, we both very quickly realised that with the hundreds of people and the sheer scale of the buildings, we needed to get up higher.
Steve enthusiastically called me over as he headed swiftly through the crowd, where across the way he had spotted a delivery guy getting “buzzed” in to an office building. For a second it felt like I was on a movie set as the chap saw us approaching and held the door open for us. We gingerly followed him past the reception to the lift avoiding the front desk. We reached the second floor thinking this would be high enough, and navigated nervously down the hallway that had flats that would be facing the street I wanted to capture. We chose a door at random and looked at Steve as we both smiled like two kids up to no good. Steve says “if we don’t ask we don’t get” I thought well yeah hopefully they would only say “no”. So we knocked and very politely asked if we could take a photo of the “schweppes building”. The chap said “NO” and shit the door! We cringed, but still excited by our plan, we quickly moved on to the next door, again being a polite, and as smiley as possible, they were understandably a little reluctant, let us in if we hurried.
I was unbelievably stoked and grateful to see this famous “schweppes” building from this view point. I quickly checked the camera setting and composed a couple of frames, before the helpful chap was saying we had to go now. We thanked him so much until we found ourselves back out in the corridor buzzing with excitement still.
I can’t really remember getting back in the lift or walking out, and came back to myself as we set out into the hustle and noise of mid morning Madrid streets. A brilliant shot to remember this one of kind little trip.
Madrid city has almost 3.3 million inhabitants and a metropolitan area population of approximately 6.5 million. It is the second-largest city in the Europe, Did you know Spain's capital has an impressive amount of both natural and man-made green space. Madrid is covered by 44.85 per cent of green land in total which I think is much better than most cities. I wonder how many people have walked through Madrid’s many gardens, who has been lucky enough to holiday here, or meet with loved ones. A diverse and romantic city with many historical buildings and events that have happened and shaped the Madrid I see today. .
Available on Canvas or limited edition of 40 prints, consisting of 20 aluminium, and 20 acrylic pieces, with optional frame.